Payment Plans

flat rate shipping
flat rate shipping

We know the economy is tight, and we can all use a little help in affording the very things we need most! As a family of seven ourselves, we totally understand tight times! We'd like to help make things as easy as possible for you to supply yourself, or your daughter etc., with the cloth options you require!

Are you in need of a postpartum stash, or complete stash etc. and can't afford to pay for everything all at once, but don't want to be paying out shipping for one or two pads here and there? We can take your payment in installments!

We'll work together with you to figure out exactly what you need for your own personal needs. Then we figure out the order total, and divide it up into 2-4 equal payments that can be paid every week, or two weeks, until your last payment is made. At that time we get to work on creating your stash and sending it out to you! It's not the quickest way to get an order, but if you're wanting a full stash and don't want to be paying shipping more then once, it's a great way to get it all at once!

We still suggest that you first try one or two pads to see what will work best for you, but from there, most of our customers know what they want their total stash to consist of and what works best for them! A custom order is a great way to get it all, just the way you want it! Payment options can help ease that total cost.

For more information contact me.