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This is my first real opportunity to use your products besides the liners. It is my first time using cloth for a cycle and your products are amazing. Other brands I have seem bulky and bunch and shift but yours are so tailored they just sit where they should and I don't even notice it's there. I seriously will be buying more and will be using only your products. Thank you for making them!
My very favourite pads are the Ultimate pads. They are thin in the middle with the tab wings, and flared out at the front and back where I need it. They are also a bit stiffer than the ultimax or ultimins so they do not fold or bunch. It is like they are a part of my panties, they stay in place and I donèt feel them!
I love everything this lady makes using the most touchable, soft fabrics and in the most beautiful colors! Everything I\'ve bought has been well made and functional, and the colors are a joy to look at every time I use these!
Pietra made me \"luna panties\" only WAY better. i tried lunapanties and i hated the cut of the underwear and the price, they were $25 per pair i think. so i bought hanes that i normally wear and sent them to her. she added lovely dyed OBV liners and they are perfect. i just used them for the first time this week and i am thrilled. i have used other mama cloth liners and i didnt like them, too bulky. i HATE pads and even disposable liners. i recently started using a menstrual cup and these are the perfect complement to the cup. i cant say enough good things about these. i want to order a bunch more but only have my period once per month!
I love your pads!! And for me thats saying something! You see pads are the reason I dreaded my period from the first time i got it. I always seemed to bleed off the back and make a huge mess and at school thats not a good thing. Through the years I\'ve went from pads to pads and tampons to using nothing more than a menstrual cup and a liner unless i was sleeping. I bought one of your pads and tested it yesterday on the second day of my period one of my heavier days. Let me say I love it I wore it for six hours no issues once i adjusted it right and SO comfortable! SOO soft! Rinses clean easily too! Will definantely be buying more! I have a feeling your pads may become an addiction for me they work so well yet are beautiful too:
I LOVE HE pads!!! I just started using cloth when I found out I was pregnant. During my pregnancy, I built up a small stash of Mama Cloth. I\'m SO glad I did! I have been using Mama Cloth since the moment I left the hospital after having my son 10 days ago. I find that my favorite lengths are the 9 or 10 inch pads. They are perfect size for me. I did have a few post partum sized ones as well, and those were great those first few days! I\'m hooked for life! Thank you HE!
I just placed a second order to get ready for my upcoming 5th baby\'s delivery and to change over to completely cloth for myself and three babies under the age of 3. These are by far the best cloth menstrual pads that I have seen/felt!!! I can\'t wait to have my lochia flow just so that I can use them!!! Love your blog as well! May God bless your business, blog and family!
I have 2 sets of these pads and they are the absolute best pads ever!!!
The most beautifully made mama cloth and other fun items I\'ve ever seen!! The materials Pietra uses are high quality and sooo soft! I am SO excited to receive my latest order which happens to include a baby blanket!
Wonderful, beautiful products and great workmanship! Pietra has loads of useful advice as well. Thank you!
I received my co-op order yesterday, and as always I am so happy with your pads! They are beautiful, SO well made, and I can\'t wait to use them. I am about to place a big post partum custom order to add to my collection of probably 30+ HE pads : Thanks again!!
The mama pads are so beautiful, I cannot wait for my period to start, so I can finally wear them! I now know what my girlfriends are getting for their birthday presents! Great product & customer service, thank you!
Homestead Emporium, you make GOOD Dundies! You have the best colours too. With all the time that you take to lovingly hand-dye the bamboo fabrics, they are truly unique. No one does them like you. I have five lovely pieces in size six and look forward to getting more in purple, orange, yellow and whatever colour I don\'t have yet.
I have always loved your cloth and my Mama cloth stash, after trying a few other brands first, is exclusively yours. So, I'm a huge fan, but never more than now! My water broke at 2:30 in the morning on January 28th. I reached for my biggest Ultimax pad and we set about getting ready for the trip to the hospital. Through the car ride and then the walk to the labor and delivery ward I had tons of contractions and lots of leaking water- but your pad kept my pants, the car and the hospital floor clean and dry! I was totally amazed! Like I said I have always loved your products, but this was above and beyond my expectations. Now I am 5 days postpartum and using my wide range of HE pads for my bleeding with no leaks, no worries, even through the night getting up and down with our baby boy. They are trimmer than the disposable pads I used after my last delivery and so comfortable, even with a couple of stitches to deal with. I am a customer and supporter for life and I can't thank you enough for your beautiful, soft and just all around perfect products. You're my hero!
I am loving my new \"cotton balls\"....seriously love these little things. So much so...I was poised and ready at 2 pm today just so I could get the 4 additional sets I decided I had to have. lol I\'m also really enjoying the pad of yours I bought to try. I think I\'m going to have to be getting some more of those as well. Thanks for your wonderful products! I\'m so thankful I learned about you in the Ju-Ju-Be Pink Room. Good reviews spread fast there!